Thursday, March 17, 2016

Get Your Group Sponsored Now through Pear!

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It's amazing how the internet reaches out to people nowadays enabling them to help those in need in just a click of their keyboard or mouse. And one good and amazing thing that the internet has to give is Pear! 

In a nutshell, Pear is sort of the "middleman" between people in need and companies who wish to help. Believe it or not, there are plenty of companies out there who wish to donate cash or kind to those who need it such as youth groups, and they go to Pear to help them provide the people who needs them. So the question is are you one of those people? 

Do you have a group (youth, teens, adult, etc.) that needs sponsorship for custom apparel or any other needs? Do you reside in Louisville, Kentucky or Nashville, Tennessee? Worry no more because Pear can help you earn up to $500 for your group thanks to their generous sponsor, All State

Get up to $500 from Allstate (Louisville and Nashville only)

You can choose from two types of sponsorship depending on your group's needs. It's either for donation or for custom apparel. 

Sponsorship details

Allstate is proud to sponsor groups in your area! Earn up to $500 in donations for your nonprofit group! To start your sponsorship, create a group page on Pear (upload a photo of your group; it’s super easy!) and invite friends to support your group. You have 10 days to earn up to $500. Best of all, it’s free! All your group needs to do is complete several online actions, such as sharing a photo on Facebook. The tasks are all short and can be completed within minutes. The more people who join in and engage, the more money your group can earn! Everything you earn, you keep. Get sponsored with Pear today!

Qualifying groups and events

  • All group types
  • Youth
  • Teen
  • College
  • Adult
  • All ages
  • Gals
  • Guys
  • Guys & Gals

Get up to $500 from Allstate (Louisville and Nashville only)
For more information on sponsorship through Pear or to start registering your group for sponsorship, click the image above to get started. 
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