Monday, August 1, 2016

How I Make Worklife Easier

I have been working in a call center industry in different companies for more than 8 years.  I have experienced working all kinds of shifts (night shifts, day shifts, & mid shifts) and long commutes to and from work.

People  who haven’t worked long in the industry thinks that working in a call center is a no brainer. They say we simply need to speak good English and talk to the customers abroad. We don’t have any deadlines to submit unlike office workers and that’s the reason why they see lots of agents drinking after their shifts or partying when it’s payday.

Me and friends having a drink after shift
Well, my dear friends, the reason why they opt to “relax” after their shifts is simply because of the toxic work we have to deal with each and every day.  Talking to each customer also requires subject matter expertise plus you also have to deal with their unpleasant attitude when they’re already stressed especially when you’re in technical support like yours truly. You try your very best to keep your cool, think logically, and solve their problem - all in one call and we process 80+ calls per day.

After our shift, commuting home can also add to our already tiresome lifestyle because of traffic jams and the sun’s scorching heat. I personally just pray there’s no other problems at home that could add to my already toxic mind such as sickness in the family, unpaid bills, and such.
This is me where all my energy has been sucked out from me at work
But even if our work is tiresome, I was able to stand my ground and managed to enjoy life a bit more.  Is shouldn’t blame my work because I know from the moment I signed the contract with a company, I know what I’m getting myself to. All it takes is, believe it or not, love.  I learned to love what I do and to be able to do that, I first learned to love myself a little bit more.  

Baby Steps Toward a Better Lifestyle
My wife constantly tells me to love myself more by taking care of myself. So I started with baby steps.  First, I no longer hang out to have drinks with friends after my shift. Well, not that often now compared before. I go home straight from work so I can rest more (and  save more). I also started doing some sit-ups and push-ups. I also went to the gym in our building when I have the time to do some exercises.

Me in the gym
When my wife told me to love myself more, this is what I did :D
I started to feel much better after 3 months of exercising constantly and reducing my rice intake, but I guess no matter how much I exercise, sickness is just inevitable. Just a month ago, I suffered from  influenza commonly known as  flu and  my body just really hurts from the first few days of it.  Well, to make the long story short, I don’t want to be that sick again because It makes me feel useless and it also makes me depressed. When I got better, I was told to drink ascorbic acid (vitamin C supplements) for protection from viruses because it was a big possibility that I got the flu from a virus lingering around our congested office, but I refused because ascorbic acid makes my stomach feel funny.

Fern C Enters My Life
Then my doctor suggested an alternative. He suggested that I should take Fern-C, a non-acidic vitamin C supplement , to boost my body resistance against infectious diseases.  The words, “non-acidic,” really caught my attention because it automatically means it’s safe for my tummy.  I was even amazed when my doctor said I could take it even on an empty stomach. So I started taking it, 1 to 2 capsules a day, and I’m just happy that it doesn’t give me tummy aches. 
After a few weeks, I noticed that I don’t get easily stressed out and it really helps big time with my line of work because when I’m not stressed, I can assist our customers way better and gives solutions faster thus giving me a positive feedback from them. A positive feedback scores points to our team thus giving us incentives! (Yey!)  

Furthermore, I felt like I still have tons of energy even after my shift. I was really glad because it means I can still play with my kids when I go home and enjoy their company, and still have energy to do some 20-minute exercises.

Making  Work Life Easier
So when I started feeling healthier than ever before ( thanks to my 20-minute exercises, diet, and Fern-C), I began to notice that work has also become a bit easier. It was then I realized that I have to start from within to make my work life easier. When I started feeling healthier, I started seeing my work in a different perspective.  Instead of getting stressed out in a stressful  situation, I think of ways on how to improve myself and what I can do the next time the same situation happens again.  I started to cope more easily and think more positively on every "toxic" situation. 

Me in a happier work life

Seeing all these positive changes in me, I never stopped with my exercises and taking Fern-C because  Worklife ay Easy with FERN-C! I give you my personal guarantee because it's definitely Subok Na!  

This blog post is written by my husband, Darwin Verdida. 

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