Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cheers to Life. Cheers to Everyday

Cheers is the brand I always use for table napkins and cutlery especially during kiddie birthday celebrations. It's 100% Virgin Pulp and it contains no artificial whiteners and elemental chlorine which makes it truly hygienic and helps you avoid paper wastage given range of napkin configuration. It's perfectly safe for everyone of all ages to use.

My most memorable Cheers moment is my eldest child's first birthday party in his nursery school last 2011. He just turned 4 years old back then. I was also a bit nervous because it would be my first time to host a simple party in a school so I really made sure that everything was perfect such as  the food, the cake, loot bags, etc. I also made sure the table napkins and the cutlery were kid-friendly so I used Cheers.
  Here are some pictures of the party:
He was a really shy boy at that time ^_^

I also like the fun colors of the spoons and the forks. It adds a certain festive sight into it.

The nursery class of 2011

Here are current pictures of the Cheers items that I used at the party:

Cheers Cutlery
These Cheers spoons and forks are starch based, biodegradable, smooth edges, doesn't easily snap or break
Cheers Table Napkins
We certainly can't forget to buy trash bags in every occasion. We can't end the party leaving trash everywhere so Cheers Biodegradable Trash Bags are perfect for the job. They're available in different sizes.
Of course, the Cheers experience certainly does not stop there for our family. We actually love the brand so much that we use Cheers super absorbent kitchen towels in our kitchen for daily use; keeping our kitchen clean for about 3 years and counting. One roll lasts for about a month or two. 

Cheers Kitchen Towels

What I love about Cheers is not only they made sure their products are of excellent quality and safe for kids to use, but they also care for the environment. ^_^ Cheers to that!

Cheers is a product of Sanitary Care Products Asia, Inc., a Filipino-owned Christian family-run company dedicated to raise the level of hygiene products available to the Filipino market. With quality and innovation as key values in developing its products, SCPA was one of the first advocates of the use of more hygienic raw materials in its paper products that are void of harmful chemicals and bleaches. 

For more information about Cheers and their products, you may visit 

Cheers to more celebrations! Cheers to life!
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