Thursday, July 27, 2017

Finding the Right Family Car for You

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Recently we just purchased a vehicle for our family of 8. Well, actually it’s my sister who has a major contribution to it, but she also wants our whole family to fit in it making it our family car. The first vehicle that comes to our mind that will fit everyone is a van. The problem is that my sister didn’t want a van. She wanted something stylish or something that has a wow factor in it. So before I divulge the vehicle that she purchased, allow me to share with you the steps we did before she did the purchase:
  1.  Know your budget. We were very firm about the budget we have so whenever we talk to a car salesman, we tell them upfront the budget that we have and what cars are available that would fit 8 people. 
  2.  Reading the vehicles’ flyers/brochures that include information of the vehicle’s safety features, number of seats, and more. Of course, going to each car shops is exhausting. So to save time, gather each of the brand’s brochures usually found in the malls and when we got home, that’s when we did our reading and canvassing. 
  3. When we finally narrowed down some vehicles that we like and fits our budget, that’s when we went to its designated shop and try out the vehicle itself. We made sure the whole family gets to sit inside the vehicle, try out the seat belts, ask if they’re comfortable especially the kids (5 and 9 years old), and such. We asked the salesman what happens to the vehicle if we suddenly had a collision and he did answer them in detail including the air bag features, which was a plus for us.  
So that’s a summary of what we did before purchasing a car. In the end, it all boils down to what vehicle is good for the family which my sister also liked so we chose the Chevrolet Trailblazer. Are you thinking of purchasing your own family car? You may start by visiting where you can canvass and compare cars. 

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