Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Make Play Areas Colorful and Safe with Wet Pour Surfacing

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A nursery play area is generally a child's favorite space either in their house or even in their schools. As people plan for making or designing a playground, they would invest on slides, swings, inflatables, or other playground equipment for children to enjoy, which is totally fine. But what most people often neglect is maximizing the floor design. 

Nursery play areas can become more visually stimulating for kids when colorful designs and decors were added on the floor. For a more creative and educational effect, animals, alphabets or even numbers can be added. Since it is believed that children learn more when they are playing outside, it would be ideal to have these designs installed. These designs may also help improve school’s Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills) ratings since they allow for kids to learn during playtime and help them improve a number of skills. I sure wished I had those in our playground when I was a kid 

So how do we install such designs on the floor? 

Soft Surfaces specializes in playground and sports facility surfacing installers. Some of the popular surfaces that they install for play areas in nurseries include wet pour, rubber mulch and artificial grass. Wet pour is an easily recognized two tier rubber specification and may also be known as rubber tarmac. It is the most popular flooring type used for playgrounds because their specifications meet the necessary safety requirements and Critical Fall Height (CFH) requirements for playgrounds, thus, making them safe for children. 

The flooring types which Soft Surface install are all permeable allowing water to pass through the drainage system appropriately and efficiently. This prevents accidents and slips which could happen if the surface wasn’t installed correctly resulting to a water build up.

Here is an example of a transformation of an old flooring turned into a colorful play area ( wet pour graphic design was installed):

Before and After 

Check out these other colorful wet pour examples used in nursery play areas by Soft Surfaces: 

Wet pour rubber graphics inserts can be installed with EPDM safety surfaces to create unique designs.

Soft Surfaces also offer flooring maintenance to ensure the facility is kept safe for young kids. They offer minor repairs, cleaning, shrinkage repair and resurfacing. It is also highly recommended to clean the surfaces regularly to ensure no moss and algae gets on the surface. 

For more information about play area surfacing, playground markings, or other types of surface installation, you may visit http://www.softsurfaces.co.uk. 

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