Friday, September 29, 2017

Pilaten Black Head Pore Strip Review

I've been looking for a pore strip for quite some time that could reach those tricky parts in the face such as the sides of the nose, sides of the lips, and such. I didn't give it much thought at first, but after noticing my face up close (I rarely look at the mirror up close nowadays because I'm so busy), I noticed I already got plenty of white heads! That's when I frantically started searching online for some pore strips. 

Pilaten Set of 5 for P70.00 in Lazada
Then I saw Pilaten Black Head Pore Strip in an online shopping site and I learned that it's not your conventional white pore strip that you just patch on your nose. It's a black liquid material that you can place wherever you wish to take out your black heads (on the face), so I thought to myself this is the product I was looking for. 

When the product arrived 2 days later, I tried it immediately. I simply followed the instructions written at the back of the pack: 

Directions: After cleansing, apply it evenly onto blackheads and wait about 30 minutes before tearing it off. 

While I was squeezing it out from the sachet, it was quite messy. It's just like trying to get a conditioner out of a sachet. Well, it was my first time so maybe on my second or third try, I can manage it more easily. So I simply applied it on my face like a moisturizer. 

TIP: To make it more effective, apply the Pilaten generously on your face/area you want to clean (e.g. nose, cheeks, etc.) 

After around 10 minutes, I can actually feel the liquid starting to solidify eventually becoming a mask/strip. After 40 minutes (I opt to wait for another 10 minutes to make sure it's dry enough), I peeled the black mask off slowly. This is what I found underneath the mask: 

Sorry, my camera can't get a clearer shot up close, but as you can see, the strip has gotten a hold of all disgusting stuff like white heads and some facial hairs. So I'd say the product is indeed effective. My skin also felt so smooth right after removing the mask. I had no negative/allergic reactions whatsoever. 

Conclusion: I recommend this product because it worked for me. But for those who have sensitive skin, you can try a small portion of Pilaten on a small part of your face 

Interested in getting a Pilaten Black Head Pore Strip? You can get it in Watsons Drug Stores or in
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