Thursday, September 28, 2017

Prettify Creamy Matte: My Daily Lipstick

On a normal sunny day, I suddenly received a package that includes one Prettify lipstick. Prettify Cosmetics is a new and fresh brand; a fun line of natural skin care and color cosmetics, all using quality natural ingredients from Korea. 

So on with the lipstick. I specifically got a Prettify Creamy Matte Lip Nourishing Lipstick in Clay shade. This is what it looks like: 

The two shades look a bit different with each other, but they're actually the same. I just stroked the lipstick twice on the left one creating a darker shade. 
I actually like this shade because I don't like a color that's too pink or that's too red. This Clay shade is just the right color for me that's perfect for daily use. I regularly commute every day to pick up and send my kids to school and this is what I wear. 

Here's what it looks like on my lips: 

No lipstick (left). Prettify lipstick (right) .  
A closer look 

I was pretty skeptical of this particular lippie because I thought it's going to be another one of those teenybopper lippies that fades after a few hours and could cause dryness to my lips after long use. But I was truly mistaken. I sometimes use it all day long and my lips didn't dry up. The reason is that all of Prettify cosmetics' lipsticks are lead-free, long-wearing lip color with Argan Oil to prevent chapping. Now, that's definitely good news for women like me who often experience chapped or dry lips.

To Gain A More Beautiful Natural Look

Women nowadays including me want to achieve that more natural-looking beauty that every woman deserves. To achieve that naturally beautiful look, we can enhance our beauty assets found on our face. We already have the Prettify lippie to do the job on our lips, but what about our eyelashes? Long eyelashes look really beautiful on every woman. To help us achieve this goal, there is a product called idol lash eyelash growth serum that can help us have long eyelashes. Great lips with long eyelashes make a naturally beautiful look. 

Each Prettify Creamy Matte lipstick retails at P395. You can get them at

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