Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Lemon Water Improved My Menstruation Cycle

Over the years, most of my menstruation period had been either painful because of dysmenorrhea or gas, or sometimes irritable because of the heavy feeling in my lower abdomen like a big chunk of my menstruation is stuck inside and couldn't get out. 

I used to drink a glass Coca-cola for it to flow out of me and believe me, it does work most of the time for some reason. My "light flow" becomes a "heavy flow" whenever I drink it.  I never questioned it because drinking a glass of Coke is just like quenching my thirst. 

But just this month, I decided to drink lemon water (water + freshly squeezed lemon juice) a day before my menstruation period and wow. All that gas I'm feeling in my tummy just went out one by one eventually. All the discomfort I was having during my previous periods, I did not experience in this one. And best of all, my menstrual flow became regular - not too heavy and not too light either. It's just right. 

So based on my experience, I do recommend you try to drink lemon water if you're having menstrual problems. My lemon water was chilled because I can't drink it if it's not chilled. It hurts my throat. 

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