Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Top 5 Wine Tasting Regions in the World

If you are a true wine lover, you will find nothing as fascinating as a vacation to one of the world’s great wine regions. Spectacular vineyards provide the perfect backdrop for wine tasting the best vintages available. Indulge in a location that satisfies every single one of your senses.

All over the world, architects have built astounding shrines to the fruit of the vine in some of the most superior wine regions. These facilities are guaranteed to impress you and their sole purpose is all about the wine within. 

Whether you’re a red, white or Rose drinker, whether you enjoy the odd glass with a mean or consider yourself an aficionado, we can all appreciate a good glass of wine. Here are the top 5 wine regions in the world that you need to visit for an exceptional wine experience. 


French wine is considered one of the world’s finest. In the east of France, you can find the best regions for white wine lovers. Red wine lovers will relish in the picturesque region of Beaujolais. If you are equally a fan of both, Bordeaux is the place for you as it is known for making both red and dry, sweet white wines. 


Italy is close up there with France as one of the well-known wine producer’s in the world. There are 20 regions spread across the whole of Italy that all produce their own distinctive tasting wines. The change in taste is due to the geographic locations and weather conditions of the regions that the wine is produced. Tuscany, Lombardy and Sicily are three key areas that you can find a broad variety of wines. 


This country dedicates over a million acres of land to growing grapes that are used in their wines. It is the third largest producer of wine in the world and they take their vineyards pretty seriously. Over the years, huge fan bases have flocked to Spain for their rich reds and crisp whites. In comparison to France and Italy, Spanish wine is more reasonably priced and is regarded as a type of wine that can be pretty much paired with any meal. 


The USA contributes to 90% of the country’s wine production. The place that dominates for vineyards is California, but areas such as Sonoma and Napa are famed for their world-class wine. These two regions are north-south valleys that are divided by a ridge of mountains. California wine allows you to taste a unique variety of wines; this is a result of the states geographic and climatic diversity. The climate in this region means that it has a dependable growing season with over 200 days of sunshine a year. 


This region is currently establishing a good reputation and strong international presence; it has also recently become the fifth largest wine producing country in the world. The largest vineyard in the country is nestled in the foothills of Andes, it is the region of Mendoza. The geographical properties mean that wine that is produced in Mendoza is developed at both high altitudes and lower level vineyards, which creates unique flavours and consistencies. 

So now, you know where to travel to collect the best wine tasting experiences. Prepare yourself with classic wine racks so that you can bring a sample of the great tasting vintage wine home with you and fill up those wooden racks with a little sample of every country visited. No matter what flavour your preference is, you will not beat tasting home-grown flavours with spectacular backdrops. It truly is a unique experience and one you must endeavour in
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