Friday, February 9, 2018

New Looks From a Can or By The Roll

Walls can - indeed should - do a lot more than just hold up the ceiling. They are the largest expanses of decorative surfaces you have to work with, and they set the stage for the rest of your furnishings. What you do with your walls can make up for architectural shortcomings, so don't treat them lightly. Do treat them warmly, coolly, quietly, lively, cleverly. Whatever mood you want to achieve and whatever the room problems you need to overcome, you'll find a universe of possibilities in a can of paint or a few rolls of wall covering. 

Expand Space

Color and pattern are two of the most powerful forces in the visual world. Harness them and you can move walls, raise or lower ceilings, stretch floor space, and entirely reshape your home environment. 

Fortunately, you don't need a degree in physics (or art) to put the energy of color and pattern to work. In fact, to expand a room, you need to apply only one basic principle: Light colors and unbroken expanses of small patterns make space look larger. This is true because unless an object calls attention to itself, it recedes in your mind. When you are not conscious of a wall, space "feels" more expansive. 

The small bedroom at right is a case in point. Wrapped entirely in the same mini-pattern print on a light background, it conveys a sense of spaciousness. Wall covering manufacturers help by including matching fabrics in their collections. 

When you shop, check out coordinates. Along with fabrics, you can sew yourself, you can order ready-made comforters, table linens, window shades, curtains, even accessories. 

The same principle applies to paint. One light color over walls, ceiling, and woodwork can do wonders for a small room, especially if you choose window dressing and furniture fabrics that go along with the light color scheme. 
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