Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Need for POS Systems

When I was a fresh graduate, I worked in one of the best real estate companies in our country. I was an assistant in a legal department. I experienced handling and processing thousands of paper works alphabetically arranged and stored in huge stainless steel drawers.  So when my boss wants to have a case reviewed, I have to look for that particular contract in those drawers. Sometimes, I takes me 10-15 minutes just to look for it because it the case titles were also similar. In other words, it really gave me a hard time. Imagine if I were to look for 4 or more files then it would take me almost 2 hours to find them. Lots of time wasted.

After a few months, we adopted a system where all of our files will be recorded and stored in a computer so we can access them almost instantly. It took us 4-6 months before we were fully digitized as they call it. It was fast and also fun because we can also send an electronic note to the person we need to leave a note to.

When it comes to POS (Point of Sale) systems, I can really tell that it’s already a need for today’s growing market especially for online sellers with huge numbers of consumers. If a business would still rely on manual operations, it would slow them down;  receipts will be written on paper, customer needs to pay money upfront, etc. In other words, it would result to fewer sales, and employees would be less productive like what happened to me when I was dealing with those files in the office.

As a consumer myself, I would also recommend merchants having POS systems because oftentimes I would carry just my credit card, holding only enough cash for commute. There are also instances when I miscalculated the items I bought ending up with a large total than my cash on hand so thanks to POS, I can instantly use my card to pay for the items.

Of course, having a POS system is simply not enough. Merchants should also make sure that their system is fast, efficient,  reliable, and accurate so it also can give them good results. Lightspeed POS has all these requirements which makes it a perfect fit for your business. Lightspeed POS reviews gives positive feedback from people who have already tried and tested them. It offers features such as  Lightspeed POS admin and Lightspeed POS login for back-end users. 

So if you're a business owner, please consider having a POS system in your business for your customers' sake :) 

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