Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Awesome Hair from TedHair

We all know that wigs are very common anywhere and are commercially available, but do you know what types are the best-looking ones? We’ve all heard of the Japanese straight hair, the Brazilian hair, but have you heard of the Malaysian hair?

This is actually my first time of hearing it, but after checking out the Malaysian hair wigs online, you could easily see the difference in style and in quality. You could also see a distinct Asian hairstyle in it which makes it different from other wigs.

If you’re into kinky hair or curly hair, the Malaysian wigs offers a wide variety including some distinct curl selections. So if you want to try out a different kind of curl, these wigs are the best ones for you. Some of the wigs actually remind me of the Sto. Nino or the child Jesus who has a curly wig on the Sto. Nino statues. It could also be used in Cosplays namely for old Testament characters such as Samson and Delilah, David, Abraham, etc.. It also reminds me of the timeless Egyptian royalty, Cleopatra. If there are lots of you who will use this type of hair, you’ll need to buy wholesale Malaysian hair or wholesale wigs so you could save a few bucks. 

Here are some pictures of the Malaysian hair that I was talking about : 

10-30 Inch Deep Curly Virgin Malaysian Hair #1B Natural Black

This type of hair really reminds me of classic Egyptian beauties or beautiful Asian natives. It's perfect for plays in schools or in Cosplays. 

10-30 Inch Deep Curly Virgin Malaysian Hair #1B Natural Black

If you want that Maui look from the movie, Moana, then this deep curly virgin Malaysian hair is for you. You see that natural shine? Amazing. 

10-30 Inch Straight Virgin Malaysian Hair #1B Natural Black

Malaysian hairs also offer straight virgin hair as shown in the pic above. It kind of reminds me of my hair when I was young because it used to be soft and smooth like in the picture. But if you really like super straight hair like Brazilian hair, then go for wholesale Brazilian hair so you could save some money. 

If you're convinced, go visit TedHair because you will find nothing but excellent quality hair wigs and extensions for your satisfaction. 

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