Friday, April 27, 2018

Find Dashing Dresses at Dresslily

As a plus size woman, I often find it difficult to look for good-looking dresses that have my size on stores in the mall or even boutique stores. Most of the time, I would find a very nice dress, but the problem is the size. Sometimes, I would find the right size, but the design is just not my type of fashion. It sounds like a petty problem, but when you’re looking for a dress that you desperately need to wear on a certain occasion, it gets pretty stressful.

As I mentioned before in my previous blog posts, I am very much thankful for the power of internet because it eventually gave us the power to shop online without getting out of the house. So where can you find nice dresses online? Aside from the online shopping sites that you’re familiar with, I discovered this particular fashion side that really nailed me on the chair and canvassed for dresses. It’s called Dresslily. You may click here to check out what they offer.

Just to take a peak at what Dresslily has to offer, here are some of the nice dresses that I was talking about.

Dresslily dress
Plus Size Sleeveless Two-Tone Pencil Dress
I really love two-tone dresses especially if the colors really compliment the curves of your body resulting to a slimmer and beautiful look. It’s more fun to wear nice dresses especially if you know that yours stands out.

Floral Print Ruffle Plus Size Dress
For women who are conscious with their arms, this dress would suit us better. Aside from the beautiful floral design, the ruffles would hide the wiggly portion of our arms. I used to wear a sleeveless one time and it really made me self-conscious and I was always worrying what others would think of my arms. As a result, I didn’t enjoy the party that much. So wearing comfortable and stylish clothes is definitely important.

Do visit and check out what they have to offer.  

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