Monday, April 30, 2018

Unique Artworks Only at Minted

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I love art. I admit that I can’t do good art, but I do appreciate other artists’ work. Growing up, I remember whenever we stroll in a mall, I would always make sure to walk by the art gallery store just to look at the beautiful paintings being sold there. I would always think that just one good painting or an artwork would really bring good vibes in a household. 

I personally verified my theory during the time I visited my classmate’s house back in college. I remember they had a big house and I saw this huge and beautiful painting of a marketplace with lots of fruits and veggies included in the picture. The painting was hanging on the wall in their dining room. It really did bring their house to life. It was quite big so wherever you sit like in the living room area, you can see the picture. Whenever I sat down, I would look at the painting and relax. Sometimes, when your mind wants to rest,  you just want to look at a good painting or a good picture to relax and reflect.

Speaking of art, if you want to have good and unique artworks that would suit the design of your home, Minted Art is a good place to start looking for that good picture. They offer a huge variety of artworks made by independent artists who sell their artwork at an affordable price. Here’s one example of an artwork that piqued my interest: 

What I love about is that once you chose your desired artwork, they also offer you a variety of frames to choose from on the right side of the panel.

 They also have a picture of the artwork in a room giving you a perspective of what the artwork might look like in a room. They also offer different sizes of the artwork that suits your needs. Minted also gives full credit to the artist who made the work on their website. 

Did I mention that Minted offers a huge variety of arts even for teen and dorm room art? You can find cool and unique ones like this map art: 

Nursery art is also available like this cute set right here:

Need I say more? Visit now and check out the discounts they offer!

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