Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Zaful: My New Favorite Fashion Site

Summer is definitely here because I can literally feel the intense heat of the sun. It’s so hot I don’t want to go out anymore. But at the end of the day, I still have to go out, pay my bills to the bank, do some groceries, take my kids to summer class, and other stuff. 

Even though the scorching summer heat is here, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy summer time. It only happens once a month.  Most people go to the beach, get a suntan or go to hotels and swim in those big pools and just chill. I sometimes prefer the latter because it’s nearer from our place and easy to go to via Uber.

If you’re living the urban life and you’re a fashionista, you can take a peek at the summer essentials at the stores such as clothes, make-up, shoes, and more. Speaking of clothes, I just discovered Zaful, an online shopping site where you can buy some fashionable clothes regardless of the season. You may take a peek here and see some fashionable clothes that would definitely compliment the season.
Here are some samples of the summer clothes I saw from Zaful:

Zaful clothing

If you’re a beach-lover then the strappy crochet cover-up is a must have for you. It’s a no-brainer how fashionable this looks especially if you’re wearing a bikini or a swimsuit underneath.

Summer clothes from Zaful
Summer clothing suggestion

Light colored dresses are what you would want during the summer because not only it looks nice, but the color definitely is cool on your skin and would not absorb the heat, unlike dark colored shirts or dresses. A hat and light colored sandals would be perfect for this type of outfit.

I would love to share more photos, but I’ll just let you visit Zaful’s site so you can enjoy shopping. 
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