Sunday, July 1, 2018

4 Ways To Remove Fleas From Your Pets

We all love pets, and we all hate fleas. And sometimes we laugh at how the two most loved and hated things can coexist. You just can’t have one without the other. But recent advancements in science have affected home remedies as well. People have started to realize that there are better and cleverer ways to get rid of common household pests.

So we set out to find the 4 best and most efficient ways to rid your house and pets of fleas. Take a look for yourself!

1.    Clean Pet:

One of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to prevent and cure fleas is to clean your pet. Common household pets, especially those with cozy soft fur coats, are more likely to harbor fleas. Be sure to give your pet a bath every three days, or as advised by a professional vet. Remember to groom with a soft comb, as this usually wicks away any existing fleas. Keep an eye on your animal, and don’t let it touch any other pets which are suspected to be infected.

For prevention, use store-bought medication and sprays to inhibit the growth and breeding of these pests. But most importantly, remember to love your pets the way they are!

2.    Clean House:

You might like to blame the flea infestation on your dog, but sometimes the fleas come from your house. Even if the source is the animal, the fleas can reach all over the place.
Remember to vacuum every day or so, under the carpet, the rug, even the welcome mat. The sofas should be regularly dusted and cleaned. Some fleas can even nest inside the mattress. If the infestation is too severe, discard the item and remember to wrap it in a plastic bag with a label that can warn others.

3.    Flea Bomb:

Flea bombs are the next best thing to removing flea infestations. These are usually canisters of chemical propellants that immediately kill any and all types of fleas. One flea bomb per room is sufficient.
Firstly, make sure that the entire house is evacuated. Remove all pets from the house, including the fish tank (cover it if you cant remove it). Next cover all your valuables, appliances, and electronics, remove all food items and crockery from the house, and turn on the flea bomb!
The easiest way to find the best flea bomb is to look at flea bomb reviews. These will give an insight into the effectiveness of the product.

4.    Plant Some Plants:

Certain plants are known to repel multiple insects, including fleas. Try planting lavender, thyme, neem, sage, cloves, eucalyptus, and perhaps even some garlic. Not only will these give your yard a great look, but they will keep the fleas out for good. Remember to research on them to get familiar with their requirements and necessities.


Fleas are a menace, but where would this ecosystem be without them? All 4 methods are important in getting rid of fleas, but we personally love the flea bomb. It does half the job for you!
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