Saturday, September 15, 2018

How to Rid Your Kitchen of Pests

Nothing is more irritating or flat out disgusting than stumbling on ants on the kitchen floor or noticing around fresh fruit, fruit flies. I'm sure all moms has experienced this kind of situation once or twice in their lifetime. This is a bit of a disgusting topic, but we really need to tackle this issue for educational purposes. 

Keeping kitchen pests away can be done just by using German cockroaches poisons and following the steps below:

Keep It Clean

With no food left out to interest pests, there’ll be no need to worry on how to eradicate them. It is important to keep every surface extremely clean. Countertops, kitchen tabletops, and sinks should be wiped down, after meal preparations. Remember to sweep floors as well.


Stagnant water is used by mosquitoes to reproduce, so it’s important to eradicate all possible sources: get rid of the empty bottle and soda cans, drain plant saucers and clean gutters.Mosquitoes need just half an inch to reproduce, so bird baths and kiddie pools should be cleared as well. Cutting weeds and grass short will aid this. Screen doors should be properly maintained and repaired to keep mosquitoes at bay from biting.


Houseflies typically flourish in the very hot summertime months. They are able to lay eggs in numerous places like sewage, lawn clippings, garbage, water, soil, rotting food and 0animal waste. To stop them from overrunning the house is to remove all litter from the surroundings, seal food in airtight containers and properly close doors.


It is known that ants are easier to get rid of with natural remedies and pesticide cans outside. A sprinkle of borax powder or boric acid near entrances and all along visible trails will do the job. It is imperative to keep pets and kids away from treated areas. While inside, dust affected areas with a solution of boric acid mixed with a similar amount of cornmeal, sugar or flour. It is important to prevent kids and pets from interacting with the affected area. The grains are carried by the ants to their nests to feed on, after which they die.


These irritations tend to assemble around drinks, foods and trash cans. The nest is typically made around structures, in attics, bushes, and under eaves. To eradicate nests, one should purchase an industrial product thatis then sprayed right onto the nests at nighttime. In the event that this process doesn’t work, it is important not to remove the nest oneself, as there are specialized professionals that can do that.


Cockroaches typically appear in the nighttime to feed on paper, crumbs, glue, wax, and pet food. Great cleanup is essential. They typically don’t linger is there is no food to eat. Using tape to cover wall openings near water pipes, will bar them from venturing further.


Bugs like these, typically search for foods with very high starch content, such as wallpaper, magazines, books. Foods like cereal and flour are also on the list, as well as certain synthetic fabrics, and starched clothing. Lowering the amount of paper available and correctly storing pantry items and clothes are sure to make any house less interesting for these bugs.


Fleas tend to come out in full force when its summer time, so it is important to check yourself and pets often. The way to hold fleas away is to bathe, then comb pets, while washing bedding even more frequently. The majority of people with cats and dogs are aware of just how imperative it is to have their pets wear a flea collar. It is important to vacuum upholstered furniture and carpets regularly. Should the flea threat be great, it is best to speak to a vet and also to an exterminator.


Ticks have to be eradicated immediately as they have the risk of carrying Lyme disease.Fine point tweezerscan be used to hold the tick near the skin as humanly possible to pull it off. It is important to pull the whole tick and not leave any remnants. The area should be wiped with alcohol and hands should be cleaned correctly

The fully pulled tick should then be placed in a bag, then frozen so it can be given to a doctor, to be diagnosed.


Fruit Flies

For people that leave bananas, mangoes or any other fruits out in the open to be ripened, fruit flies are not an unknown pest. Gratefully, there are numerous functional home remedies that can be used to trap them, as soon as an infestation is noticed. The only way to keep them away is to ensure fresh produce is always sealed. 

That's all, folks. Remember to keep your kitchen generally clean to prevent these pesky pests to also avoid diseases. If you have anything to add, please drop them in the comments below. 

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