Monday, September 10, 2018

Where to Go for a New Adventure: 4 Driving Destinations

Nowadays, a vacation isn’t just about going to the beach and enjoying the sun and sea, or staying at a five-star hotel and enjoying the lavish accommodations. Of course, these aren’t bad ideas for having a vacation; but if you’re the more adventurous type, you’re probably looking for a new experience or at least a unique hotel that offers their special brand of relaxation.

Thankfully, there are a lot of new establishments that offer exquisite vacations. What’s more, these are located in cities or provinces near Metro Manila so you don’t have to travel so far to get there! Here are five beautiful driving destinations you can visit on your next vacation to experience an all new kind of holiday.

Batangas: Nayomi Sanctuary Resort

Camping can be a wonderful experience but it’s not for everyone and it’s not always ideal. The weather is always a big factor, and there’s also the concern of dealing with bugs and sleeping on the hard and bumpy ground. If you bring your kids with you, you’ll also inevitably have to deal with late-night trips to the toilet that could be located far away from your tent. Enter the solution that brings you the best of both worlds: GLAMPING!

Nayomi Sanctuary Resort or Camp Nayomi, located in Balete, Batangas, is one of the best places for the ultimate glamping experience. You’ll be surrounded by more than 14,000 square meters of beautiful sceneries and peaceful ambiance, and have an excellent view of the Taal Lake to boot! Their bell tents come equipped with electric bug zappers, a mosquito net, and an industrial electric fan to keep the bugs away and keep you cool, as well as double beds, fluffy pillows, and blankets for a comfortable night under the stars. You also have access to your own bathroom so you don’t have to worry about hygiene or your privacy.

For those who would simply like to be surrounded by the beauty of nature but still sleep in a hotel room, Nayomi Sanctuary Resort also has villas and suites. They also offer day tours and can even arrange a trip to Taal or the Marian Orchard if you prefer.

Tagaytay: 8 Suites

Tagaytay remains to be one of the most popular driving destinations because not only is it so accessible, it also has a wealth of places that can give you a truly relaxing experience. One such example is 8 Suites, a stylish boutique hotel that combines modern comforts and the exquisite beauty of nature. Their well-appointed rooms have forest-inspired themes that seamlessly bring the outside into the indoors. They also follow the philosophy “Pride without arrogance” -- you will be welcomed to 8 Suites with unparalleled Filipino hospitality by the staff, who take pride in their work and ensure that the hotel delivers great products and services to every guest, every single time.

8 Suites also has bell tents situated in their grounds, furnished with premium hotel accoutrements and furniture for a night of glamping. Wool blankets and fairy lights amp up the romantic ambiance, and complimentary smores will give you an even more “legit” camping vibe without compromising your comfort and privacy.

Baler: Easy Adventure

Photo from Click The City
What’s better than glamping? Glamping on the beach with a beautiful view of the sea, that’s what! Easy Adventure is a campsite in Baler, Aurora where you can stay on a treetop, riverside, or oceanview tents furnished with tables and couches and simple yet comfortable beds, pillows, and sheets. The treetop tent, in particular, is an excellent choice for an entire family or a group of friends. It is located in a private section of the beach, surrounded by a lot of trees to amp up that feeling of being close to nature, and has a spectacular view of Charlie’s Point Surf Spot.

What’s great about Easy Adventure is their commitment to protecting the environment and sustainability. They try to minimize light pollution as much as possible, that’s why they provide one rechargeable lamp per person and don’t have too many electrical lights surrounding the camps. (Don’t worry, though, because they have 24-hour security and staff on service!) The camp also runs on renewable energy generated by their wind turbines; they have charging stations for your gadgets but to really maximize the experience, disconnect yourself and enjoy nature without the encumberment of technology even for just a few hours!

Antipolo: Mount Purro Nature Reserve

Mount Purro Nature Reserve in Antipolo is an eco-park ran by a family, led by Toto and Baby Malvar. It began with Toto’s love for nature and his personal crusade to rehabilitate the Upper Marikina Watershed, first by planting trees and then by taking care of the people who live in the mountains of Sierra Madre. These people include the indigenous Dumagat tribes who, in appreciation of Toto and Baby’s efforts to support their community, have formally adopted the couple as honorary citizens.

Since then, what started out as a small and simple bahay kubo has evolved in to a sprawling eco-park with farm-style cottages, where families and friends can stay and enjoy peaceful and beautiful surroundings. Mount Purro Nature Reserve also has a camping and bonfire area, a swimming pool, a restaurant (Loli’s Kitchen), and conference areas for intimate events. Those looking for more nature-oriented activities can go hiking in the forest or swimming in the nearby river. There’s also a mini zipline for those looking for a bit of thrill.
It’s good to treat yourself to something new once in a while. You might even end up discovering a new love and appreciation for something as simple as the sound of birds that wake you up in the morning.

Have a happy, restful, and meaningful vacation!

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