Saturday, October 20, 2018

Christmas DIY Decorations

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Thanks to the early holiday cheers and decorations from supermarkets and malls, I can already feel the Christmas spirit just around the corner. I remember my mom decorating our house as early as November and it really made me feel happy and made our house quite homey and cozy. She also told me that purchasing Christmas decors early can save us lots of dollars and makes Christmas decorating far less stressful without the pressure of finishing it sooner.

If you're really looking for cheap ideas of Christmas decorations, why not consider DIY (Do It Yourself) projects? You would just need the materials needed and instructions how to do a particular decoration. 

Where do you get the materials and instructions? That's where Dollar Tree comes. Right now, they have Christmas Craft ideas that you may find interesting. Below are some examples.  

Christmas Craft Idea: Poinsettia & Ribbon Wreath

Christmas wreaths are very common Christmas decors. It is also one of the first things a visitor would see when they visit your house because it’s often hanged outside the door. Our neighbors would often choose beautiful wreaths to impress their guests.

Here’s the items you’ll need:

•  Floral Foam Ring
•  Pine Greenery Wreath
•  Poinsettia Bushes
•  Sheer Wire-Edge Ribbon
•  Chenille Stems
•  Pins
•  Wire Cutters

For more info about this wreath, visit Christmas Craft Idea: Poinsettia & Ribbon Wreath

Floral Craft Idea: Holiday Centerpiece

When a guest enters the door, the next thing he or she would notice is your table centerpiece so choosing the beautiful Christmas centerpiece would add “fashion” to your house.

Here’s the items you’ll need (shop for items below or visit one of our stores):

•  Floral Foam Wreath
•  Glittered Poinsettia Bushes
•  Christmas Floral Pine Picks
•  Crafter’s Glue
•  Wire Cutters
•  Basket

For instructions on how to make this centerpiece, visit Floral Craft Idea: Holiday Centerpiece

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