Friday, June 28, 2019

What is Pest Control Software

As a mom myself who works from home, things aren’t easier for me compared to those who work from the office. I am still bombarded with work deadlines, household bills, grocery lists, and at the same time, I am also distracted by my kids who need my attention and help on their homework or their chores. Well, I really don’t mind helping my kids, but for the rest of my tasks, I wish someone or something can help me with them.

I do have an app for the tasks I mentioned. I have Skype, I have a financial app to remind me of the payments due, I also made some email subscriptions to some of my online obligations. Even though they’re paperless, I still find them stressful because it's quite difficult to separate my work tasks from my home tasks. Sometimes I get them mixed up which is really frustrating. An example would be when I thought I already paid my water bill, I actually processed a payment for work that's also a water bill for a customer.  It sounds like a simple mistake, but it's a mistake that I really can't afford to repeat. 

What is Pest Control Software

Eventually, the term, “pest control software,” began to spread across the internet, at  least in my feed in Facebook and Google. According to, pest control software is a specific type of field service software designed for use by pest management and control companies and their employees. This software assists with general business tasks, such as providing quotes and estimates to customers, and often supports invoicing and billing. But it can also include more industry-specific functionality, such as tracking pesticide use or even pest activity itself . 

The first time I heard about it, I thought it was the same old pest control that takes care of the pests around the house or buildings.  To my surprise, essentially, it has the same purpose with pest control software because they also control whatever needs to be taken care of with your lifestyle as far as management information is concerned. This includes financial tasks, administrative tasks,  person to person chat support, and more.  

When I got officially employed online (full time), the first pest control software I got exposed to is Slack. I was surprised how easy it is to use. We can create multiple message boards with different topics, we can create conference calls and sharing our screens at the same time, and more. We can communicate with each of our team members or company members directly. We can simply add them to our contacts and have a chat with them one on one within the program. Thanks to this pest control software, I don’t use Skype as much anymore when it comes to work-related interactions. I also don't get things mixed up with work and with personal tasks. 

Aside from Slack, a lot of high-rated pest control software has started to pop up online. ServBasic,  PestPac, and Pocomos free pest control software and  are among those that are included in the list. They all provide a simple interface for business management solution.  Among the features they offer are scheduling, customer information, billing, customer payments, and reports. Not only are they available on desktop, but they’re also conveniently available on mobile so employees can track their records wherever and whenever they go. It made me think that creating your own company is easy because handling people is easier now thanks to these pest control software. 

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