Friday, July 5, 2019

Best Software for Small Businesses

Small businesses have been booming worldwide most especially with housewives or stay-at-home moms. Gone are the days that the husband or the wife will stay at home to take of their child and wait for their significant other to give them their salary. Although I have to admit this is not totally gone, but it is encouraged that both husband and wife find a way to earn money to support each other and their family.

Platforms That Would Help you Sell Your Items/Services

Let’s start with a simple example. If I want to sell clothes online, I would want an application that would help me sell them by exposing me to a larger audience who’s also online. That’s where online apps like Facebook, Instagram, Lazada, and Shopee comes in. I personally have an experience selling my used clothes and items on Facebook and it really went well. I got to sell them in a week’s time. I also saw people who has an online business that sells clothes and bags, and they do a Facebook Live to sell their items, then whoever wants to buy the items they featured can comment on that video and say they’d like to buy it. It’s more like an interactive purchase because the seller can see your comments in real time and can talk on the video. A lot of people are doing this nowadays which I think really helps tremendously in selling. I haven’t tried it yet myself, but I believe I will do it someday probably when I have lots of items to sell.

Accounting Time

Another subject to consider when you have a small business is accounting. Accounting never goes away because it is essential for a business to know if the business itself is earning money or losing money. Some people hire accountants and some people or business owners would enroll themselves to study basic accounting so they can do it themselves. Thanks to technology, there are also a lot of applications that can help you do your accounting. According to, among the top accounting business software are the following :

Intuit QuickBooks Online
Sage 50cloud
Zoho Books
GoDaddy Bookkeeping

Most people would also use the enterprise version of the said software such as QuickBooks Enterprise to get the whole package which includes point-of-sale system, inventory, and more.

Customer Feedback 

Once you’ve set up your system and your business is up and running, what remains now is customer feedback. As a business owner, you definitely would want your customers to keep coming back so you have to earn user/customerloyalty.  Some customers would say upfront if they have a question or a negative comment about the product or service they got from you. Others would simply decide to stay quiet and never return. Then it leaves you wondering what happened or what have you done wrong that prevents them from coming back. Sometimes, customers would just say they don’t feel like it or they just don’t want to try your service anymore just because. Best way to bring out their thoughts in a more relaxed way is through surveys or simply give them your business’ email address so they can send it to you directly.

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