Thursday, December 5, 2019

Top 3 Pennsylvania Cities to Live In

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Pennsylvania is one of the most populous states in the nation, making it important to the country. The living areas in Pennsylvania are also diverse, ranging from small rural areas to bustling cities. Pennsylvania is an absolutely gorgeous state to live in, as the state is home to many beautiful sites and historical areas. Pennsylvania offers a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy, one of the reasons why many people are so proud to be from the state. However, some of Pennsylvania’s cities rise above the rest and are truly great places to live in. These locations have some combination of beautiful views, historical monuments, and deep-rooted cultures. So where exactly are these great places to live? Here are the top three cities to live in.


When people hear about cities in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is usually the first city that comes to mind. Philadelphia is one of the most populated cities in the country and is prevalent in pop culture. In addition, Philadelphia has a deep history. The city was once the nation’s capital, and the city is also home to several historical locations. These locations include the Liberty Bell, one of the most iconic symbols of American freedom. Philadelphia also has a deep-rooted culture that gives the city’s residents a sense of identity. This strong sense of identity makes the city’s residents proud to be from Philadelphia. This regional pride makes Philadelphia a great place to live. Finally, Philadelphia has some great entertainment options for residents. The city has multiple professional sports teams as well as several museums and theaters. No matter what your entertainment tastes are, a big city like Philadelphia will likely satisfy it. Philadelphia is a great place to live for many people, and will surely inspire some sense of regional pride.


Another famous city in Pennsylvania is Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is known as the Steel City and is famous for its industrialization. Pittsburgh has fallen on some hard times recently, but the city is gorgeous and still has plenty to offer. Beautiful rivers like the Allegheny and Ohio flow through Pittsburgh, making for some beautiful natural sights. Like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh has a strong local culture. Pittsburgh residents are strong hard-nosed people, something that stems from the city’s steel factory origins. The city also has plenty of entertainment options, being home to several professional sports teams as well as a multitude of entertainment venues. Even though Pittsburgh may not be the economic superpower it was in the Industrial Revolution, several big companies are either headquartered in Pittsburgh or have locations in the city. This creates many economic opportunities for both businesses and residents. In the end, Pittsburgh is a great place to live and can really offer residents a wide variety of benefits. If you’re looking for a great place to live in PA, you should try looking into Pittsburgh homes for sale and see for yourself just how great the area is.


Compared to the previously mentioned cities, Harrisburg is quite unknown. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are much more popular and populous destinations than Harrisburg, but that doesn’t mean that Harrisburg doesn’t have its strong qualities. First, Harrisburg is the capital of the state. This means that the area has tremendous importance when it comes to state politics. Much of what goes on in our state government occurs in Harrisburg, making the area vital to the state. There are plenty of opportunities in Harrisburg when it relates to politics and government positions.  In addition, the city has a lot of local businesses and a relatively strong local economy. Many people come across the state to visit the capital, meaning that Harrisburg is a surprisingly strong tourist destination with a lot of traffic. In addition, Hershey and its areas like Hersheypark and the Giant Center are also close by. This means Harrisburg residents have plenty of entertainment options available. Finally, Harrisburg doesn’t have the high cost of living that is typically associated with cities. This allows Harrisburg residents to enjoy all of the benefits that come with living in the state capital without having to bear all of the costs of living in a major city.

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