Monday, June 14, 2021

Networking With Other Professionals is an Important Part of His Career According to Bennet Schwartz


We’re living in the COVID-19 pandemic  times, but that doesn’t mean we start to disconnect to people especially to other creatives who can potentially help with your business. According to Bennet Schwartz, a business leader in Sydney, networking with other professionals is an important part of his career. Through linking with others, he gets to discover new talent, find reputable producers, and work with creative teams to fulfill his role. If you’re new to the creative scene, you may find it challenging to build networks to boost your career path.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and social media have forced industries and governments to rethink the way they operate. Today, we’re starting by looking at the issue of work: how the pandemic has normalised remote work, and what that might mean. They have sparked new ways for developing marketing strategies, creating products, and employing people remotely. It has also given rise to “uberization” – or what companies describe as direct contact between the customer and supplier, usually via mobile platforms.

So what do leaders need to survive in today’s competitive and constantly changing digital world?

Individual Development

There’s no sense in hiring talented people if the only thing they’re going to do is follow instructions. Giving your employees the opportunity to grow can certainly add to their personal skills, motivation, and overall productivity in the office, while also keeping your organization on its toes when it comes to new and developing trends. There are plenty of ways you can do this, such as integrating cross-functional team interactions, giving them the reigns to work on their own projects, hosting seminars and workshops.  

Organizational Leadership

While there is no perfect leadership style that works for every single company, corporate entities should at least make decisions that’s best for both their employees and the business itself. According to an interview with Schwartz, he states, “I was discussing business with a client yesterday and our conversation turned to people. Instead of discussing profit and loss, we discussed how we treated people and the respect we wanted to earn for our companies. I think the way a business leader treats people reflects the direction their company will take in the future.” This is extremely applicable even now because most employees in the US reportedly prefer not to go to work and prefer to stay in their homes instead because of the allowance they are receiving from the government. Businesses should rethink on how to take care of their employees so their business can also be successful. 

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been proven to be effective in marketing especially through social media. As a social media influencer myself, a lot of companies and even small business enterprises reach out to me to promote their products and services to again exposure to the audience I have. Though every company has a dedicated digital marketing team, it doesn’t excuse you from being ignorant about the current trends happening online. From Instagram and Facebook, Tiktok is now one of the hottest marketing trend because most millennials are using it. These can very well shape not just how customers see your business, but how they approach different events as well. 

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