Monday, June 21, 2021

Simple Home Improvements You Can Do During Pandemic

Ever since the pandemic began, people have begun developing hobbies that they can do inside their homes. Aside from hobbies, they also start renovating their homes to make it look more aesthetic.  I myself have been buying stuff that can help improve the interiors of our house so it would look pleasant and relaxing because my family will be staying indoors for a long time.

Here are some things I bought to help improve our house’s interiors (on a budget):

Wall Stickers

Since I’m still working at home, I don’t have time to repaint or put new wallpapers at home. So I thought of buying wall stickers instead from an online shopping site. I bought wall stickers that have plant designs on them and trees that are quite nice to look at. We have a big white wall so I think any wall sticker would look nice on them.

Wall stickers are usually easy to stick and also easy to remove. You may find a lot of assorted designs online depending on your liking.

House Plants

I bought some small pot plants (e.g. snake plant, spider plant, etc.) and be placed in my comfort room and on my desk. Having plants while indoors really does help me relax while working. According to an article from Healthline, indoor plants may help reduce stress and sharpens your attention. It’s just among the many benefits of having plants. So if you’re up to it, you may consider finding a plant that’s right for you. You may start looking at PlantShed NYC garden designers for some plants, flowers, or even  garden designing for your home. 


A New Coffee Cup

If you’re a coffee drinker, a new coffee cup might be a good idea. For me, having a nice coffee cup can really help start my day right – gets me in a good mood to work.  


That’s all I have to share right now. Thoughts? Leave them in the comments below and let’s discuss it.

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