Sunday, June 27, 2021

Things I Miss From Working in an Office

I remember working in an office almost 17 years ago and the feeling was great. I felt like I’m an official adult – graduated with a diploma, single, and working in an office. It was amazing at first because now I can get a credit card of my own, which at the time was “proof” that I belong to the working class. 

Now, I’ve been working at home for more than 5 years, but there are still some things I miss working in an office. There's also an article I've read that office design really helps a worker do his job better and I believe it's true. 

Here are the things I remember working in an office setup: 

1. You get to work in your own cubicle/office. Having your own work space is very essential if you want to get your work done. I have experienced working in a very small and cramped space and it was really difficult to do some paperwork and I have no space to place my folders and files. I was thankful that I was given my own workspace and I became more productive. My work space was equipped with my own computer connected to a shared printer and a spacious desk. 

2. Break times. Sometimes I would enjoy the company of my office mates or even my bosses during breakfast or lunch. They would sometimes treat me with food and I actually enjoyed it. It brings us closer to each other like a family. Most of the time I would take my lunches alone in our office cafeteria or buy some food. Our cafeteria offers hot cooked meals so I had no complains. The food was awesome. What I like eating in an office cafeteria is no one would question you if you’re eating alone because, I believe, everyone’s been there. Sometimes if you have a lot in your mind, you prefer to eat alone and the people in our office understands. 

3. Enjoying the scenery. Our office used to be in the 32nd floor of the building so we got a beautiful view of the city and the bay. Sometimes when I’m stressed or tired, I would simply look at our window and enjoy some quiet time. According from an article from BBC, windowless cubicle farms and airless open-plan floors kills motivation, which is what I would often see in a call center set up. So windows with a good view really helps. This is something a work-at-home setup cannot have except if you live in a condo unit on a high floor with a good view. 

4. Enjoying the office’s aesthetic setup. I don’t know about you, but I really love how our office was maintained. We’ve got indoor plants, good view, and of course, carpeted floor.  Since I work at home now, I have my own small carpet, but commercial carpet is different. Too bad I don’t have a picture of our office, but I believe the smell of the office relies on how clean the carpet is. We can really smell the freshly cleaned carpet especially on Mondays and it was quite invigorating. 

5. I get to bring home some “goodies” at home. I guess it’s just me, but I also miss bringing home some cakes, donuts, or even some sushi for my family.  I also miss coming home seeing the excitement on their faces. I guess it’s the simple things that I really miss the most. 

Notice I didn't mention the salary? I don't know why, but the ones that stayed with me are memories on how I was treated by my workmates and bosses, the good/bad feelings I had in the office,  and what I learned from my colleagues and from my work itself. At least that's what I think. 

That’s all I can remember for now. How about you? Did you used to work in office? Share them in the comments below and let’s discuss it. 

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