Monday, July 5, 2021

Join the Nancy Drew Games Summer Cook-Off 2021!


It's that time of the year once again for the Nancy Drew Games Summer Cook-Off! If you love baking, cooking, or you simply love food and taking pictures of it, you really must join! 

Okay, me first. This is my entry for the contest: 

Nancy Drew: Cook Off Contest ( Dessert category)
Name: Corbeau (Dessert category)

Simple yet delicious dessert creation inspired from the Nancy Drew Games, Danger by Design! 

Nancy Drew: Danger by Design

The dessert is delicious by itself, so I just added some simple crushed Graham crackers for its topping. You can also add marshmallows or choco sprinkles to make it colorful. It's also perfect for the summer season! 


Chocolate ice cream
Caramel ice cream
Whip cream

Nancy Drew Cook Off Entry - Corbeau Ingredients
Corbeau ingredients: Caramel ice cream, chocolate ice cream, banana, whipped cream, and crushed grahams (optional)


Get a glass/wine glass
1. Place a spoon of chocolate ice cream
2. Place a spoon of caramel ice cream
3. Add banana slices 
4. Repeat steps 1 and 2
5. Add whipped cream as finish. Put crushed grahams for toppings.  
Can you make a better dessert than mine? Join Nancy Drew's Summer Cook-Off and win awesome prizes! 

Here are the mechanics of the contest according to Her Interactive Website

  • Foods must be your creation and they must be homemade. Having your friends or parents help you is acceptable. Also, you may use boxed ingredients, but you must cook or bake the ingredients (or mix the drinks) on your own. The examples given above are just that—you should create your own!
  • All food and drink items in your entry must have a Nancy Drew Game theme. Be creative! You may re-create food found within Nancy Drew Games, or create food that is inspired by the Nancy Drew Games. For example, you might make a pizza for The Phantom of Venice, even though there is no pizza found in the game because it is Italian-themed.
  • Your entry must show the end result, but if you enter a video, you are welcome to show the process of how you got there if you’d like.
  • Foods and drinks must be real and your creation(s) need to be edible. However, you may use supporting elements in the structure and presentation, like sticks, cake rods, plates, twine, and pictures from the Nancy Drew Games.
  • Pictures from past contests or sweepstakes that we have sponsored are not eligible for entry into the Contest.


 Categories (and Examples)

1. Main Course: such as roast chicken or sandwiches. (Picture or Video submission. One winner chosen.)

2. Desserts/Baked Goods: such as bread, ice cream, pie, etc. (Picture or Video submission. One winner chosen.)

3. Healthy Game Food Fun: typical foods made with healthier ingredients, vegetarian options, gluten-free options, etc. (Picture or Video submission. One winner chosen.)

4. Video Submission: create a video of any food or drink, but present it in a video form. (One winner chosen.)

What and Where to Submit

Please submit your photo or video entry via one of the following methods:

(a) post to  Her Interactive Facebook page (,

(b) post to our Twitter account @HeRInteractive;

(c) tag us on Instagram @nancydrewpcgames, or

(d) email it to


Each of the four categories will have one winner who will receive: one $100 gift card to Cozymeal for Online Cooking Courses, one $200 gift card from Williams Sonoma, one Nancy Drew-themed apron, and one Nancy Drew-themed mug.

Click this link to learn about the complete mechanics:

Happy cooking! 

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