Monday, October 11, 2021

Swimwear for All Women Sizes


Photo from Unsplash

Whenever I look for swimwears online, I always find a hard time looking for a nice swimsuit that fits my body shape. Most of the time, I see plus size swim suits that fit me, but the design is just not the one I like. But since it fits, I would just wear it.

Luckily, there's this online shop called Lime Ricki where I can finally shop for cute plus size swim swears that has beautiful summer designs. What sets them apart from the rest is that you can try the swim suits for FREE for 7 days! You can try up to 7 items and you only pay what you keep! That sounds amazing if I were the customer. I've experienced a lot of times after my swim suit purchase, it would always not fit and I can't return it because I ordered it online. 

So anyway, these one piece swimsuits from are really cute! Check them out here: 

I personally like the color combination of the peach, green, and orange. It instantly reminds me of summer! 

I also love the pastel color combination of this bathing suit! The simplicity of its colors just shows its real beauty. According to the shop, this is also one of their best-sellers! 


This is probably what I would buy during summer time! The rash guard is my number one priority when I go to the beach because 2 years ago I just suffered from sun burn even if it was a cloudy day on the beach. Little did I know that I should've put sunscreen even if it's cloudy. But even if I know this now, I think I'd still prefer wearing rash guard just to be sure. I'm already at my 40s and I don't want any sun burn ruining my vacation. 

So I really recommend you, guys, check out Lime Ricki online shop and you might find some nice swim suits that you need. You can always try them for free! 

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