Saturday, February 27, 2021

Choosing the Best Work From Home Look

With this pandemic, life as we all knew it came to a screeching halt, and many of us found ourselves working from home suddenly. No longer needing to get up early and get hair and makeup done, you have more time to sleep in, and you don’t necessarily have to dress up as much as you would have in the past if you were still going in to your office. However, for some work from home employees, they have had to dress up even more as they are now interfacing with different clients on Zoom and other virtual meetings that they may not have had before. Check out some ways to choose the best work from home look based on your career.

The Tech Industry

If you work in the tech industry, odds are you probably had a casual dress code at your office. Jeans were likely acceptable, and while guys may wear shorts and flip flops, women still tended to dress up a bit more in a nice blouse, maybe even a dress when the weather was warm. You may not want to break into your dresses, but there’s no reason you can’t be cute and comfortable while you are working from home. A great option for those who work from home and don’t have to be seen by others is a comfy shirt and pants, either joggers, jeans or shorts, depending on the weather. When you choose an outfit like this, you are comfortable, but you are also very capable of heading out for a quick grocery run when you are off the clock.

Medical Profession

Some of those in the medical industry are able to work from home, but odds are they have video chats with patients. In that situation, you’ll want to ensure that your outfit isn’t too casual and that you aren’t wearing sweatpants every single day. One of the plus size tops from My Sisters Closet Boutique and a nice skirt or pair of pants is a great option. The plus size tops offer cute, stylish options that can easily be paired with a cardigan or blazer if you need to dress it up a bit. These will look professional, while allowing you to feel con1dent in what you’re wearing, which is so important when you are meeting with your paents over a video conference rather than in person.

Sales or Customer Service

Depending on the type of sales you are in, you may 1nd that you have to be on video conference calls with potential clients. You’ll de1nitely want to err on the side of professional when you have a client call, so you may touch your regular work wardrobe more than others. However, if you are working from home and generally do phone sales or customer service where your customers won’t be seeing you, you are more free to go with a more relaxed look. Enjoy the break you get from dressing up and relax in those joggers with a cute top that allows you to go outside right a5er work and complete a walk to clear your mind and get some fresh air. Or take your dog to the park for a game of fetch in a comfortable pair of shorts and a cute top.


As tempting as it may be for teachers who were given the go ahead to teach from home this year to wear sweats and hoodies, your students need to see that you’re still the same teacher, even in this time of change. Depending on where you taught, you may have opted for blouses and pants or even professional dresses for your attire. This is a simple way to help your kids retain a sense of normalcy, even though it may mean a little more work on your end. However, making sure you dress the part as teacher can also help the kids with their virtual work, making it seem more like the regular classroom se6ng, even as they learn through a computer screen.

 Whether you are ge6ng to stay remote work at your position permanently or you are hoping to get back into an office at the end of this pandemic, you need to know that you can dress comfortably and still cute. It’s important to help retain a sense of normalcy that you still get up and get dressed in some way during the work week to help solidify the differences between work and non-work times. This is essential to mental health, and to us all ge6ng through this pandemic that has turned our lives upside down. 

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