Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Breastfeeding is Still Best for My Baby Agnes!

I would like to introduce you to my daughter who is only 2½ months old. Weight: 5.4 kilos.

As of now, she only uses Johnson's Top to Toe Wash for her baths just to be safe. I would like to try Enfant's Baby Wash next time because I like the scent.

Her pedia recommended Similac for her formula milk which we tried for almost 2 weeks. It was okay for her - no negative reactions whatsoever, but I decided to give her breast milk exclusively.

My Personal Experience on the Benefits of Breast Feeding

When I started to breastfed her for a couple of weeks, I lost 6-10 pounds or even more without any exercise. My baby didn't have problems with colic that much as long as I burp her after feeding and she seldom poops which is normal. She poops every 3-4 days so it's less hassle for cleaning and I can save some diapers. Her poop is quite soft so it's easy for her to poop it out.

I also tasted my own breast milk and it is indeed sweeter than milk formulas which is why (like my OB said) babies prefer the taste of breast milk than milk formulas.

As of now, my baby still hasn't gotten sick. Everyone in the house got sick during the rainy season (including me) except for her. Yes, even when I'm sick, I still breastfed and it didn't had any negative effects on the both of us.

Do I still need bottles? Yes, I still need bottles to store water and to store breast milk when I leave the house.

Negative Effect/s of Breastfeeding

I can think of only one: lack of sleep for me. :D  Of course, at the first trimester of her life, my baby seldom sleeps so I also seldom sleeps to give her milk whenever she needs it.

No Breast Milk

There are also times when I'm stressed out because I don't have any more milk on my breasts so my baby was also crying. What I did was I gave her water and cradled her to sleep so I can also rest and wait for my milk to be "refilled." My doctor recommended me to take malunggay pills which I always forget to buy.

I did noticed that whenever I drink cold beverages like milkshakes, sodas, frappes, etc., the stronger the milk supply I get, but, of course, this is just me.

What Not to Drink

Our pedia also told me not to drink alcohol, coffee or iced tea, but I can drink milk teas. They are prohibited because they can be passed on to my baby while breastfeeding. That explains why the other day, my baby got irritated and I noticed she had difficulty sleeping because I remembered I drank a cup of coffee during the day.

Well, that's all for now. :) Thanks for reading.

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