Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Baby's Christening Celebration

Last September 30, 2012, my baby was officially a member of the Catholic family. It was held in Jesus, the Divine Healer Parish.

This was the type of "regular" baptism where there were supposed to have other babies to be baptized at the same time. Luckily, we were the only one scheduled for that day. :) 

Me and Agnes
Church fee: Php 500.
Colored Booklet for ninong and ninang: Php 35 each.

Our reception was held in Big Plate right beside Caltex along President's Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque. I like this place because it's quite spacious and Ms. Jops from Big Plate was very easy to talk to. I would probably consider getting this place again when we have another occasion.

Buffet Set-Up. Php 298 per person + Php 60 unlimited iced tea. Free use of venue for 3 hours. You can choose the viands you want for the buffet spread. Minimum guests required for reservation is 50 people. On my case, I reserved 40 adults and 10 kids. Kids' rate is Php 168 per person (includes one round of iced tea). There are no hidden charges in these rates because they're already tax inclusive/service charge inclusive.

Appetizer section: Assorted Sandwich, Onion Rings and Pinsec Fritos.
Vegetable soup is also available placed in that big silver pot. 
Salad :) 

Photo cake sponsored by her ninang, Tita Mari. This was bought from Red Ribbon. 

Plain Rice & Java Rice

Left to Right: Slow Cooked Beef, Binagoongang Baboy, Fresh Lumpia and Steamed Fish in Ginger sauce.
Crowd favorite were the fresh lumpia and the beef! 

Left to Right: Fried Chicken in BBQ sauce, Slowly Cooked Beef and  Pork Binagoongan.
I personally liked the  chicken!
Left to Right: Spaghetti, Chicken in BBQ sauce and Slowly cooked beef.  
I added a few hundred pesos for the brownies to be added in their dessert section.
Their buko pandan was also a crowd favorite especially for the kids, but unfortunately I wasn't able to take a pic of it. I was too hungry already...

Quite homey and spacious venue.
 Balloons were bought from Dennis Balloons, 15 pesos each.
Thanks to my sister who sponsored the balloons :) I was able to order 30 pieces.
Dennis Balloons were kind enough to deliver the balloons to Big Plate that morning since their shop is just a stone throw away. And then Ms. Jhops and the people at Big Plate was kind enough to place the balloons everywhere :) 
Souvenirs (Php 28)
Thanks to Neko Yume Souvenir Shop for this lovely angel souvenir.  They are also from Paranaque so the souvenirs were picked up at Shopwise. I was able to save shipping fees. I ordered 35 pieces.
 Neko Yume Souvenir Shop Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nekonekoyume

Cakes for sale.
My personal favorites are their banana cream pie and carrot cake.
Whole cakes are Php 799 and cake slices are Php 78. 
Other pastries.
Their pastries are 10% off on 7 pm onwards if i'm not mistaken. 

So for 50 guests, I was able to spend almost Php 16,500 for the food and venue. All in all, I spent less than Php 20,000 if I were to add everything I spent from clothes to souvenirs.

Big Plate's reception venue is actually on the second floor, but I insisted that the party to be held on the first floor because it's spacious and I like the chairs. They were kind enough to accommodate my request.

I personally recommend Big Plate for receptions especially if you're on a budget. They serve good food and good service for a reasonably good price! :)

Big Plate

Caltex Compund, cor. J.Elizalde and Presidents Avenue
659-1234 836-3832
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bigplate/
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