Thursday, September 3, 2020

Shapewear for Working Moms

I have been working at home for years now even before the pandemic happened and that means I sit down on a chair for long hours during the day. Now this kind of lifestyle negatively affects my body and one of the things that I get to notice is that my belly and thighs are getting bigger, as well as back pains. 

Now, I’ve tried buying ergonomic chairs to support my back and it really helped. But still, my belly and my thighs feel like they’re getting bigger every day and my skin on those areas are being stretched.  That’s the time I searched for something that could help remedy the problem (aside from exercise).

In a post from Eyes on Manila blog discussing shapewear and its benefits to plus-size women, it was discussed how it helps curve the body nicely while wearing a dress. But I didn’t realize at that time that we can actually use body shaping lingerie while we work or in my case, when I work from home. I can look for some best shapewear for the tummy and since I also plan on controlling my diet, it wouldn’t hurt if I also start with some waist and thigh trainer also so they can be "trained" stay hopefully in shape even if I’m sitting down.

Tummy Trainer Shapewear

Among the best shapewear for tummy items or the ones that “trains the tummy”, I really like the picture on the left because I think I can simply wear a long t-shirt and just wear this since underneath since it already has shorts included. I just had to make sure to choose the black one so it may look like I’m just wearing cycling shorts.

Here are some neat features of the product from their website:

  • One plastic bone on each side of the waist to prevent curling;
  • Three layers are on the abdomen, two-layer mesh fabric, and one lining;
  • Hook-and-eye crotch closure for convenience to go to the bathroom;
  • The lining is a moisture-wicking breathable fabric, suitable for summer;
  • There are removable, adjustable and soft restricted stretch elastic straps;
  • Butt enhancing design can lift your hips and create charming curves;
  • The shorts trim adopts the epoxy design to prevent the body shaper from sliding up.

Safety Measures in Using Shapewears

Now, keep in mind that the shapewears are not recommended for extended periods of time (e.g. 8 hours a day , every day), so once I get some shapewears for myself, I plan on using them probably 3-4 hours every Tuesday – Thursday- Saturday only. So since I really want a shapewear product to work, it’s best to know what the best Shapellx shapewear there is in the market so you can get best results and maximum comfort. 

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