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Product Review: PAJ GPS Find and Protect

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I had the privilege of reviewing one of PAJ's sought-after GPS systems, a rare opportunity that truly piqued my interest. As someone who typically finds complex technology a bit daunting, I was pleasantly surprised by the user-friendly design of this GPS. Its simplicity made it especially appealing for someone like me who's new to this technology.

 I'm a mom and it's a must for me to know where our car is or where our kid is. That's why I think having a GPS is essential to every home that has members who commute or who often travel. In a world that's becoming increasingly connected, the utilization of Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers has expanded beyond navigation to encompass a wide range of applications. These small yet powerful devices have proven to be invaluable in tracking assets, vehicles, and even loved ones. 

In this blog post, I'll share with you my personal experience with PAJ's GPS and we'll delve into the fascinating world of GPS trackers, exploring their functionalities, applications, and the benefits they bring to both personal and professional spheres. 

What is a GPS Tracker? 

The GPS that I have looks like this: 

PAJ GPS Tracker
PAJ GPS Tracker

GPS trackers are compact devices equipped with GPS technology, enabling them to pinpoint their exact location using signals from satellites. Beyond basic location tracking, many modern GPS trackers also incorporate additional features such as real-time tracking, geofencing, and data logging. As for my GPS, it's primary function is real-time tracking and we have tested it. 

I took some pictures of the box that indicated the parts of the GPS. Here are some photos: 

Parts of the GPS (Lights)
Parts of the GPS (Lights)

Parts of the GPS
Parts of the GPS

    Here's a bonus unboxing video of the PAJ GPS: 

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

The GPS map

Real-time tracking is the ability to track locations in real time and provides up-to-the-minute information on the whereabouts of the tracked object or person. I have placed the tracker on my husband's bag and it still works quite well. I know exactly where he is at the exact moment. Well, there was a 2-5 second delay, but it's still good for me as a personal tracking device. 

Where Did that Map Come From?

You may be wondering where I got the map. Once you purchase PAJ's GPS Find and Protect, you need to go to their website at or via the mobile app, PAJ Portal v2, and register your tracker. It's a pretty simple process that you need to do just once so you don't have to worry. 

Once you have registered your tracker, the website automatically opens the map where your device is located. Don't be alarmed if your device is located in another country because that was its default location. All you have to do is simply turn on the tracker, move the tracker, or place it on a moving vehicle, and when the moving tracker is detected then the map automatically adjusts to where the location of the tracker is. In other words, the map will automatically update once you've used your GPS. 


Geofencing allows users to set virtual boundaries, receiving alerts when the tracker enters or exits a specified area. PAJ's GPS has this feature and you simply have to set up your boundaries where you want your GPS to notify you when it has reached or exited it. 

Other Features: 

Aside from the basic features, PAJ GPS can also do the following : 
  • Instant notifications
  • Route history - Can track previous routes that were taken and you can also download a report in PDF/Excel/GPX/KML file. 
  • Long battery life
  • Compatible with everything including mobile app integration
  • Global coverage
  • Share location - Easy-share the location with your friends or police department in case of emergency
GPS trackers, like what we see in the movies, are very beneficial especially if you have vehicles for your business. In case, one of them gets stolen then you can track it in real-time.  GPS trackers contribute significantly to personal security by providing a sense of control and peace of mind. Parents can track their children, caregivers can monitor elderly family members, and individuals can ensure their safety during outdoor activities.


In our ever-evolving technology, GPS trackers have become go-to tools for keeping tabs on assets, vehicles, and personal well-being. Whether it's ensuring personal safety, streamlining business operations, or just easing our minds, GPS trackers play a crucial role in our interconnected lives. Personally, I'm glad to have a GPS tracker for personal use and I think you should, too, especially if you have things or people you care about. 

Interested? You can purchase PAJ GPS at their website at

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